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UERH Press Release

23 May 2021

21 May 2021


Formation of UERH & Request for creation of WSE-RH Board of Directors


The eight (8) roller hockey sections of the national federations of Andorra, Austria, Belgium, England, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, and Switzerland announce the execution of a Memorandum of Understanding (attached) today for the formation of the Union of European Roller Hockey (UERH), for the purpose of advancing the sport and the collective interests of member nations through

UERH shall be a democratic union of equals, with membership open to all national Roller Hockey
associations situated in the continent of Europe, and in some circumstances, federations situated in another continent, or regional associations within Europe.

The UERH nations, representing 75% of Europe’s roller hockey nations, have today written to World Skate President, Sabatino Aracu, (attached) requesting his assistance to change the undemocratic governance of the World Skate Europe Rink Hockey Technical Commission, by creating a Board of Directors to provide democratic oversight and make all relevant regulations.

UERH proposes that this Board consist of a member appointed by each national Rink Hockey nation in Europe, with one (1) vote per nation, chaired by one of their number elected annually (holding an additional casting vote), and the President of the WSE Rink Hockey Technical Commission, as a guest without a vote, whom with their staff remain subject to appointment by the WSE president.

Recognising that World Skate Statute change requires the passing of a Special Resolution (75% vote) at a World Skate Congress (next due late 2021), UERH propose that the World Skate Executive Committee apply the powers it has in Statue to immediately create a Special Regulation that gives the requested form and delegation of powers to this Board of Directors, and then works with that board to jointly draft and propose the necessary Special Resolution for adoption at the next

From the Roller Hockey sections of the national federations of:

Andorra Federació Andorrana de Patinatge
Austria Section Rink Hockey, Österreichischer Rollsportverband
Belgium Belgian Federation of Rollersports
England National Rink Hockey Association of England
Germany SK Rollhockey, Deutscher Rollsport- und Inline-Verband
Israel Skate Israel Association
Netherlands Nederlandse Rollersports Bond
Switzerland Schweizerischer Rollhockeyverband


We now attach the letter sent to World Skate: 



Also, the MOU sent to World Skate:



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