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Andorra Match Report

06 Sep 2019
England 11 - 0 Andorra


Goal Scorers:

Pau Dickin (4)

Spencer Berry (4)

Harvey Dugdale

Joe Chipperfield

Mark Dickin


It was a great performance by the England team, tactically the players were perfect in defence and attack.

When Andorra on Phase 1 played us they used the second goalkeeper and rotated the whole team. Their objective was to surprise us in Phase 2, however I alerted the players to forget the result in the previous game and to approach this game with right attitude, respecting the opposition and to forget the last game result.

England vs andorra

We started the game showing authority and didn’t give any chance to Andorra to cause us many problems due to our restricted defence pressuring the man with the ball and cut their pass lines.

I asked the players to have ball possession and to play the carousel at a slower pace and then to change speed to attack the goal, this way we scored most of the goals.


This result doesn’t reflect the difference between the two teams which is closer, however our players, following their instructions to the letter we made the game look easy for us as we didn’t allow them to dictate any part of the game and after our 4th goal they lost their heads and we controlled the whole game to achieve the final result.

We have already confirmed a higher place than the last 3 years and now we are looking forward to play tomorrow our last game against France.


Carlos Amaral

NRHA Coaching Director

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