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Israel Match Report

05 Sep 2019
England 11, israel 2



Goal Scorers:

Pau Dickin (3)

Joe Chipperfield (2)

Josh Owen (2)

Mark Dickin (2)

Ehab Nasir

Spencer Berry

Our superiority was evident even after we had played 5 matches in 48 hours.

We didn’t start the game very well as the players were trying to play up too direct towards the Israel goal instead of making pass lines to enable us to play the game more at a slower pace that would then enable us to play the game at our speed.

I called the time out and explained to the players that we had to be more intense/aggressive in defence and have more ball in attack.

This way we could score goals both from our counter attacks and from controlled carousel moves.

England team huddle

This game gave me the opportunity to rotate the players to ensure that we are fit and rested enough to play tomorrow Andorra.


Carlos Amaral

NRHA Coaching Director


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