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Germany Match Report

05 Sep 2019
England 2, germany 3


Goal Scorers:

Mark Dickin

Pau Dickin


We deserved to win this game as we were the best team all the way through the game, however details cost us the game.

Despite playing 4 games in the last 40 hours whilst Germany played one, we dominated the game in all areas.

We started the game very strong (scoring after 42 seconds) culminating with a 2 goal lead and when we were so close to scoring a third, Germany scored their first goal with a deflection. Then from one of the few mistakes we made in defence cost us their second goal.

We went into half time feeling that this result did not reflect the game so far.


The team started the second half with the same intensity of the first half with lots of ball possession and attacks creating many goal opportunities which either their goalkeeper saved or our last touch wasn’t right and we weren't able to score.

In the second half Germany had one clear goal opportunity and a few long shots as England was defending well and always pushing for that elusive but, we felt, deserved goal.


As I said in the beginning of my report details cost us the game, we can't miss so many goal opportunities, we missed a penalty and direct free hit whilst Germany missed a direct free hit but scored a penalty. Also, we very unlucky with referees decisions in the last 10 minutes of the game.

Germany scored the 3rd goal from an incorrectly called penalty decision with two minutes remaining of the game, whilst I felt two blue cards and a penalty should have been called against Germany, but were not given.


I would like to emphasise that we are more responsible for the result than the referees, when we miss so many goal opportunities this can happen.


Carlos Amaral

NRHA Coaching Director


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