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Summer Camp 1

07 Aug 2019

2nd to 5th August 2019

A total of 63 kids which 13 were goalkeepers between 6 and 14 years old
attended this camp.

I am pleased to see the enthusiasm of the kids and the progress made during
the 4 days.

The Camp was split in 4 groups, Groups 1 worked mainly on Basic Skating and
Group 2 worked on Basic Skating and learn how to play the game.

The Group 3 (Girls) and Group 4 (Boys) worked on Set Up moves focus on
tactical side of the game.

I am very pleased with the hard work put by all kids which makes our work a
lot easier and productive.

Thanks to the parents for their support.

Thanks to the Helpers off the rink, Michaela Parfitt (Camp Coordinator), Lisa Allander, Lucy Rawlinson and Hayley Hall for their great job ensuring the kids behaviour off the rink was under control and their great assistance to the coaches.

Thanks to the Junior Coaches, Bernardo Pereira (Sanjoanense, Portugal), Guillem Torrents (Igualada, Spain), Oriol Torrents (Igualada, Spain), Nil Folguera (Caldes, Spain) and Zak Osborne (Peterborough) for their contribution in assisting the Coaches

Thanks to all the coaches that assiste me, Vitor Pereira (Portugal), Marta Vieira (Portugal), Jose Caldas (Portugal), Ricardo Caldas (Portugal), Dan Messenger (Spen Valley), Joe Wheatley, Josh Taylor (Kings Lynn), Luis Gomes (ECU)for their great job contributing once more to progress on the right direction our Development Plan.

Carlos Amaral

NRHA Coaching Director

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