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Return to Competition

12 Mar 2021

To facilitate safe return to competition when government reduces or removes Covid-19 restrictions (anticipated in April/May), the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the association has introduced a new article to the Bye Laws, that enables motivated clubs to apply for an Event Sanction (new Article 11), that allows them to organise and host tournaments, covered by association insurances, so long as the event complies with special Covid-19 requirements, that will be issued separately and amended as government instruction change, and the standard conditions within the Bye Laws for Event Sanctions.


To encourage these competitions, for the remainder of this Season 2020/21, players will be permitted to compete with Training Only registration, without the usual requirement to upgrade to a competitive registration.


Click here to download updated Bye Laws

For the coming Season 2021/22, the association is encouraging regions to commence their leagues as early as possible in September and intends to deliver the national competition programme, as defined in the Bye Laws, that includes.


  • National League – Senior (1 September to 31 May)
    • Premier & Division 1
  • National League – Youth: (16 March to 31 May)
    • Under 19, Under 17, Under 15 & Under 13
  • National Cup (1 April to 31 May)
    • Senior, Under 19, Under 17, Under 15, Under 13 & Under 11
  • Inter-Region Championship (1 June to 30 June)
    • Senior, Women, Under 19, Under 17, Under 15, Under 13 & Under 11


Clubs wishing to arrange pre-season and in-season tournaments with English or foreign clubs, may do so, by applying for an Event Sanction, and It is hoped that many will choose to do so annually, to encourage wider opportunity for competition and fundraising.

We hope all in our sport are excited by the prospect of an end to the ‘Covid-19 hibernation’ and a return to competition. We encourage all in our sport and, in particular, club committees to start organising their teams for the coming season now.



Kos Galtos


National Rink Hockey Association of England


Click here to download updated Bye Laws

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