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Referee Positioning

06 Feb 2020
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Positioning is one of the most important aspects of being a referee. You could know the rulebook inside out, but if you don't put yourself in the right position, you won't be able to put that knowledge into use and make the right calls. 

It is important that Referees compress the play as much as possible
– The closer you are to the Players, the more likely it is they will pay
attention to where you are
• The front Referee must be behind the Goal line
– This will give them the best view of the Goal
• The back Referee only needs to go as far back as 1m past the furthest
– This will let them be close to the play, but will still be able to see the half
way line to make the passive play counts

where referees should move

• Referees must make sure they swap ends throughout the match
    –During Play
    –After a Foul
    –After a Goal
    –When a Free Hit or Face Off is on your side of the rink
    –When you have been on the same side for around 5 minutes
• Referees need to make sure they are always in the best position to make calls
    –As the ball and Players are always moving, Referees need to move a lot
as well
• Referees should always be ahead of the play, and should try never to turn
their back on the action
    –Run backwards or sideways to keep an eye on the Players as you move
    –The quicker you get into position, the quicker you will be out of the
      Players way, and better your view of the match



• Split the rink into zones
– The majority of the time, if the ball is in 'your' zone, you will have the best
view of it and the Players around it, so you should watch the ball
– The other Referee should watch the Players away from the ball
• Sometimes the other Referee might have a better view (Players in your way)
– Always keep track of where all the Players are and what view the other
Referee might have

where referees should look

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