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Reappointment of National Coaching Director

18 May 2020
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The National Rink Hockey Association of England Limited is delighted to announce the reappointment of Carlos Amaral as National Coaching Director, until 31 August 2024.


Since taking on the initial role in 2016, Carlos has done a fantastic job for the sport and we believe that this expanded arrangement will enable us to build on his accomplishments to further improve the sport in England, particularly the quality of coaching at club level.

Per the new Bye Laws (issued 12 May 2020), the National Coaching Director shall:

  • Chair the newly formed Committee of Rink Hockey Coaches (CRHC), ensuring:
    • Development and administration of the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme.
    • Co-ordination of the training programme of regional and national coaches.
    • Submission of reports for each NEC and Association General Meetings.
  • Act as a member of the Disciplinary Committee:
    • To participate in Disciplinary Panels that conduct primary hearings concerning any player, affiliate or other person associated with Rink Hockey in England related to a disciplinary or dispute matter.
  • Be responsible for the affairs of all National Teams and Development Squads, including:
    • Recommending candidates to the National Executive Committee for appointment as Team Coaches and Managers.
    • Managing, mentoring and developing National Team Coaches and Managers.
    • Approving and notifying selections of players and team officials made by Team Coaches.
    • Setting performance goals and co-ordinating the training programmes of all National Teams.
    • Booking all training sessions, for all National Teams.
    • Submitting reports to each NEC and Association General Meeting, which provide performance goals and progress updates for each team.
  • Provide Clubs, Regions and target venues with coaching services, subject to charges agreed between the parties, including:
    • Targeting sports centres and schools for the establishment of new clubs and the conduct of “Come and Try” sessions.

This is a paid position. The Association pays a retainer of £500 per month, plus any profits after costs, from England Squad and National Development squad training sessions (excluding competitions).


From 1 September 2023, all England Squad and National Development squad training income and expenditures shall be processed by the Association, with details published within our annual financial reports and the Association retaining 25% of any profits achieved.


Yours sincerely


Kos Galtos


National Rink Hockey Association of England

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