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New NRHA President

29 Jul 2019
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It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I write to introduce myself as the new President of the National Rink Hockey Association of England, after election to the role at last weeks Annual General Meeting, following the retirement after 22 years of dedicated service to the sport, of Keith Allen.

While President, Keith, through his patient leadership, hard work and persistence, successfully shifted our sport from being in decline in the 1990’s, to more than double the number of players (>1000) and introduced player development initiatives that have exponentially improved skills and will benefit the sport long into the future.

In recognition and respect of his magnificent contribution and accomplishments, the association General Meeting resolved unanimously to award Honorary Life Membership to Keith and on behalf of the NRHA, I offer congratulations and thanks for everything that he has done for our sport and wish him all the very best in his well-earned retirement.

In now taking on the role of President, I am both excited at the opportunity to serve and committed to discharging the duties of the office to the very best of my abilities, by working with the Executive Officers and other volunteers, as more of a chairman, to achieve a common objective together.

Always in my mind will be ‘The Dream’, mine and many other peoples, to put the sport in a situation where;

– International competition and training expenses are paid by the national association

– National competition and training expenses are paid by the club

– Media cover National and International competitions

To achieve this, we will seek to;

– Build a Brand that people want to be a part of

– Create a Product from matches that people want to participate in

– Facilitate Experiences that people want to share

To get started, my initial objective is to deliver prior to the commencement of the new season on 1 September 2019;

– Introduction of further electronic automation of the associations systems and processes, so volunteer time is freed up to create increased “bandwidth” / “capacity for work” in other higher value areas.

– Form Sub-Committees for each Executive role, with each Regions equivalent executive to be included

To operate on a coordinated, collaborative and cooperative basis

– Update, redraft and publish association Bye Laws and Competition Rules so all can find/understand the rules.

– Note: Moving forward, rules shall only be considered to exist if documented in the M&A’s, Bye Laws or Competition Rules.

– Note: An online Knowledge Base to enable self-service retrieval of knowledge and solutions directly by members will be introduced by December 2019

– Draft and publish a clear Operational Plan, identifying each Executive Officer/sub-committee responsibilities, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) & Budgets

– With Financial Forecast for Season 2019/20

-Note: To be revised and re-publish prior to each AGM for the succeeding season

– Draft and publish templates for each Executive Officer to use in Reporting, identifying;

– KPI Performance – Actual Vs. Objectives

– Activity – Past & Planned

– Budget Vs Actual Income & Expenditure in performance for each role

– Introduce annual Referee seminars at local club level to inform and advise on the correct application of the rules of the game and encourage the recruitment and development of referees.

There is a tremendous opportunity to improve the operation and administration of the sport, so that all that love it may have even better experiences. Together as a team the NRHA Executive will progressively introduce changes to how we do things and we will endeavour to keep you well informed and listen to feedback as it is received.

If at anytime you wish to get in touch to discuss your ideas or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to call me on 07835 224170 or email


Kos Galtos


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