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Manchester vs Peterborough

21 Oct 2019

PRHC started their 2019 Premier campaign with an away visit to Manchester RHC which resulted in a highly charged game that kept the spectators guessing till the final whistle.
Manchester started at a fast pace putting Peterborough under pressure straight away with several attacks and shots on goal which were all stopped or batted away, PRHC quickly regained composure and mounted several of their own attacks with PRHC opening the score line to go 1 up within 2 minutes. This was followed up with two more quick succession goals to make it 3 – 0 to PRHC.

The game was end to end with both teams having shots saved but at 5 minutes in PRHC had a man sent off giving MRHC a penalty chance which they capitalised on making it 3 – 1.
MRHC scored two more goals taking it to 3 – 3, 10 minutes into the game then MRHC get a blue card with PRHC failing to put the ball in the net from the penalty spot but then within minutes take the lead 4 – 3.

Peterborough team photo

PRHC reach 10 team fouls first giving Manchester an opportunity to equalise which they did to take it to 4-4 . The excitement is not over yet as within a few plays Manchester then also hit 10 team fouls giving PRHC the chance to go ahead heading into half time…PRHC miss the penalty and the whistle is blown for HT….4 all.

Second Half :
Within the first two minutes both teams concede AND score from penalties, the second half is a frantic flurry of action from both teams with 15 goals alone in the second half. Another penalty for each team with both again slotting the ball in the back of the net. The refs and time keepers are having to dig deep to keep up with the pace of the game with both teams scoring in rapid succession bringing the score to 12 – 10 to Peterborough with only a few minutes remaining.
Manchester do not give up and continue to mount pressure on PRHC and bring the score to 12 – 11 with 40 seconds remaining but PRHC manage to fend them of until the whistle blows for the end of the game.

PRHC would like to thank both refs and also to the time keepers for doing an excellent job.

Goal Scorers:
Rodrigo Alfonso - 5
Michael Carter -3
Ewan Cann - 2
Sergio Hutson – 1
Carlos Amaral - 1


(Report by Peterborough)

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