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Israel Match Report

04 Sep 2019
England 6 - 1 Israel


Goal Scorers:

Spencer Berry (3)

Joseph Hawes

Josh Owen

Pau Dickin

The game could not have started better for us as we scored from a set move after 8 seconds to give us an early 0-1 lead.

We showed dominance in this game in all areas and because of this, the team took it upon themselves to play full rink pressure but during a time out, I asked the players to change to pressurising from half way, cutting the pass lines that would allow us to create more space to attack in and subsequently we scored two goals.

England vs israel

During the second half, despite me rotating all the players, tiredness became visible but this in some ways was to be expected after having to play 3 games in a 24 hour period.


We have now finished Phase 1 of the competition in the following position:

1st Spain (10 points)

2nd Italy (10 points)

3rd ENGLAND (6 points)

4th Andorra (3 points)

5th Israel (0 points)


Well done to the team on phase 1 as we played good hockey and we had a competitive game versus Italy, one the favourites to win the competition.


Now we look forward to Phase 2 which is a Round-Robin competition to decide 5th to 9th places (England, Germany, Israel, France and Andorra).


Carlos Amaral

NRHA Coaching Director

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