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England announce official equipment partner

08 Jun 2021

Press Release


The National Rink Hockey Association of England is pleased to announce that it has entered into a contract with Swift Hockey Technology to be the Association’s exclusive Rink Hockey Equipment Partner, till 31 August 2024.

“We are very excited to have reached this agreement and proud to be working with the founding association of rink hockey” said Daniel Vale, Swift Director. “We recognise the fantastic work England is doing to recruit and develop young players, coaches and referees, and we are very motivated to help grow the sport by providing the best conditions for athletes, clubs and the federation!”

“Our sport in England is better organised than ever before, focused on more than doubling our registrations to over 2000 players by 2024, with greater than 70% under the age of 15, and determined to achieve paid spectator attendances that ensure players no longer have to pay to participate in any national competition” said England President, Kos Galtos. “Swift really understands the challenges volunteers face and is a forward-thinking company prepared to invest in the growth of the sport, so I feel truly fortunate to have met them and look forward to working closely together to achieve our mutual objectives.”


Club Sponsorship Programme


In coming weeks, the association will introduce to all its affiliated clubs a 3 year sponsorship agreement that, should they choose to take it up, will see Swift work with them to produce a bespoke range of playing equipment for exclusive supply to the club for distribution to members, at special discount to the usual price on all orders placed during the season, plus 2 balls monogrammed with the
club logo. 


Participating clubs will be required to ensure coaches/team management wear shirts at matches carrying a Swift logo, use the club monogrammed balls provided by Swift when teams warm up for matches, display a swift provided banner when hosting any home match or tournament, and require players to wear Swift equipment (Floor players: Gloves and Knee pads, Goalkeepers: Leg pads,

Gloves and Knee pads, with a phase in period of:

 50% of players at matches - Within 6 months
 75% of players at matches - Within 12 months
 100% of players at matches - Within 24 months

The Association will receive an additional percentage of the net value of orders received by Swift from sponsored clubs that take up the offer, which will be dedicated to fund equipment for recruitment activities to be conducted by regions and clubs.

National Competitions

Each season, Swift shall provide the association with balls monogrammed with the association logo, which shall exclusively be used in all national competition matches, with Swift provided banners prominently displayed at each competition venue and only Swift Rink Hockey equipment offered for sale within association rented venues.

Swift will also provide trophies for the highest scorer and best goalkeeper each season.

England Team & England Academy

Swift shall provide the association with balls monogrammed with the association logo which shall exclusively be used in all training sessions and match warmups, with a Swift provided banner prominently displayed at all training sessions.

The shorts of all training uniforms and England match uniforms will carry the Swift logo on the rear central area and coaches at trainings will compulsorily wear association provided shirts carrying the Swift logo.

Swift will have exclusive access to training sessions for the sale of their equipment, from which England and Academy players may purchase Swift sticks at a significant discount to the list price.

All floor players representing England in European, or World Championships will receive, entirely free of charge, association monogrammed Swift knee pads and gloves, which must be worn at these competitions, and may optionally be worn at any training session, but use is prohibited in any domestic competition.

Swift shall additionally supply a number of sets of association monogrammed goalkeeper leg pads and gloves, which must be worn in European, or World Championship matches, and may be used at England Team or Academy training sessions.

All players in European, or World Championship matches must either use a Swift stick or cover all competitor labelling with a swift provided sticker, or entirely remove branding.


Equipment Purchase & Rental Skate Programme

The association receives a significant discount on any equipment it purchases from Swift and if within the term of the Agreement the Association obtains sufficient funding, it will launch a programme to rent skates, supplied by Swift at significant discount, through clubs to players under the age of 18 years and allow them to freely exchange the skates for a larger size when they grow out of them.

This supply arrangement will decrease participation costs and enable the association to improve its support of region/club recruitment and development initiatives, including School Programmes, Club Establishment and Recruitment Leagues, which will be a key area of focus in coming seasons for the association.

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