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Bye Laws of the Association: Issue: 12 May 2020

13 May 2020
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The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Association has, over many months, undertaken the painstaking exercise of updating our Bye Laws and Competition Rules, through reference to multiple past versions and review of >10 years of Minutes from General Meetings and NEC Meetings, to create the Bye Laws of the Association: Issue: 12 May 2020.

Click Here to download - Bye Laws of the Association: Issue: 12 May 2020


To assist you in identifying many of the most significant changes, a supporting document has also been created.


Click Here to download - Significant changes within the Bye Laws of the Association: Issue: 12 May 2020


These Bye Laws include significant changes effective from Season 2020/21 and as a Club/Region Officer, you are strongly encouraged to read and review the documents, as soon as possible.  


While every effort has been made to ensure publication of a complete and correct document, it is likely that corrections, re-phrasing and additions will need to be made in coming weeks and months. When this occurs, a new version will be published with a different issue date (in the document title and visible on the bottom right corner of each page).


The NEC is eager to receive your feedback on the revised Bye Laws. Should you have any comments, proposals for their amendment or inclusion of additional items, I encourage you to send them to me via and they will be put to the NEC for consideration.


As a general point, Affiliates (Clubs and Regions) are entitled to put proposals for changes to the Bye Laws to any General Meeting of the Association to vote upon. To do so, the Proposer must identify the number of the clause they seek to amend or add and provide the exact wording of the new clause they  want a vote on. 

  • Proposals received by the General Secretary in advance of the General Meeting, per the deadline in the Notice of Meeting, will be put on the Agenda. 
  • Proposals not received by the General Secretary in advance of the meeting may be raised in the ‘Any Other Business’ part of the General Meeting, should time allow, so long as the  clause number and proposed new wording is provided in writing to the Chairman.

You have an important role to play in helping our association improve and develop into the future. So I really hope you will read and familiarise yourself with these Bye Laws. Then, if you would like to discuss anything in them, or want some help in wording a change proposal, please don’t hesitate to mail me via or call on WhatsApp +44 7835 224170 at anytime.


Yours sincerely


Kos Galtos


National Rink Hockey Association of England

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