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The National Rink Hockey Association of England is a body representing all rink hockey clubs in England, across 3 regions - Northern, Eastern and South Eastern Counties. Rink Hockey originated in England over 100 years ago is played worldwide. The sport today is most prominent in Iberian countries at a professional level.  


Rink hockey is argued to have been in born out of Denmark Hill Roller Skating Rink in the 1870's. It was at this rink where the first recorded game of 'knocking a ball around with sticks on roller skates', instigated by a man known as Harry Brevett. Brevett is known to be the founder and originator of the game and became the Vice President of the London Rink Hockey League and Amateur Rink Hockey Association. He also happened to be the Chairman of the British Weight Lifters Association! The first organised tournament occurred in 1896 at Crystal Palace, where the official rules of the game were drawn up. The sport hosted the International Rink Hockey Tournament in 1910 and 1912, along with the 'Rink Hockey Association' of England. 


In 1909, 3 regional associations were formed - Northern Counties, Midlands Counties and Southern Counties to eventually form the National Rink Hockey Association in 1914. The first registered clubs included:


Sutton RHC, Balham RHC, Clapham, Herne Bay RHC, Brixton RHC, Crystal Palace, Bedford, Cambridge University, Hertford, Widnes, Olympia (Manchester), Albert Hall (Liverpool) and City Palace (York).


England holds 12 European Championship wins, and 2 World Championship titles (Great Britain) since international competitions began in 1936.

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