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The association is preparing a marketing campaign to recruit Primary Schools that are interested in conducting rink hockey sessions, within a catchment area of 20 miles of all affiliated clubs.


National Coaching Director, Carlos Amaral, is currently drafting a specialised schools programme. The association is working with him to identify and provide the equipment required for Carlos to initially go into a school, ideally with a representative of the local club that can take over the sessions after he gets things started, that he will support and work with in order to achieve the highest possible success.


To help us get started, the association is asking all our clubs to identify all the primary schools in your area by 13 July 2020 via the online form at;

Click here for the online form


We are seeking to contact schools prior to 1 August, so they can accommodate our approach in their planning. We will let clubs that respond to this mail know when we make contact with schools they nominate and try to work with you to achieve the highest possible success in this major recruitment effort.


We look forward to receiving each club’s list of schools by 13 July 2020 and working with each club to stimulate growth in participation in our sport.

Yours sincerely,

Lucy Rawlinson

Marketing Executive

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