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National Teams

National Teams:

National Coaching Director, Carlos Amaral selects the players to be included in each of the National Teams. Players are selected based on the following six main areas of the game, along with consideration for the best combination to make competitive England teams.

Six main areas of the game:
Individual technique

England Ladies U17,  December 14-17th 2017 European Cup, Germany

Ella Atkinson – GK (Soham)
Tilly King – GK (Maidstone)

Alice Kneeshaw (Middlesbrough)
Amelia Courtenay-Barrow (ECU)
Beth McCarthy (Peterborough)
Caitlin Johns (Plymouth)
Harriet Finch (Colchester)
Jordan Middleton (Middlesbrough)
Megan Todd (Middlesbrough)
Mia Bealing-Rodrigues (Maidstone)

England Ladies, 2017 World Roller Games (China)

Eilidh Clague – King’s Lynn
Kasia Parfitt – King’s Lynn

Outfield Players:
Alice Kneeshaw – Middlesbrough
Bethan McCarthy – Peterborough
Caitlin Johns – Plymouth
Harriet Finch – Sudbury
Hattie Ford – ECU
Heather Dunand – ECU
Jordan Middleton – Middlesbrough
Megan Todd – Middlesbrough 

Champions FIRS Cup

Under 20’s, 2017 World Roller Games (China)

Charlie Oakes – Middlesbrough
Reiff Hayward – Letchworth

Outfield Players:
Alex Mount – Sanjoanense
Darcy Quinn-Sekyi – Letchworth
Edward Rawlinson – Cottenham
Harry Pickering – Middlesbrough
Josh Branchett – Soham
Josh Horn – Kings Lynn
Ryan Norton – Soham
William Rawlinson – Cottenham

8th place finish

Under 17 Boys – 2017 European Championships (Italy)

Harrison Raven (HBU)
Rhys Young (GK) – HBU
Outfield players:
Ben Oldroyd (Halifax)
Ed Rawlinson (Cottenham)
Ewan Cann (Peterborough)
George Daly (HBU)
Harry Pickering (Middlesbrough)
Josh Horn (King’s Lynn)
Keiran Constable (Spen Valley)
Mark Read (Cottenham)

Under 17’s Ladies, 2016

Eilidh Clague – GK (Kings Lynn)
Rachel Holmes – GK (Letchworth)
Outfield Players:
Alice Kneeshaw (Middlesbrough)
Amelia Courtenay-Barrow (Ely)
Beth McCarthy – Captain (Peterborough)
Caitlin Johns (Plymouth)
Harriet Finch (Sudbury)
Jordan Middleton (Middlesbrough)
Megan Todd (Middlesbrough)
Sian Emslie (Herne bay)

Senior Men, 2016

Eddie Revill GK – Grimsby
Tom Allander GK – Soham
Outfield Players:
Alex Jones – Soham
Alex Mount – Sanjoanense, Portugal
Brendan Barker – HBU
Charlie Greenwood – Grimsby
Nick Johnson – Grimsby
Owen Stewart – Middlesbrough
Scott Neville – Soham
Will Smith – Middlesbrough