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Premier League 2019

National Rink Hockey League

National Rink Hockey League

P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- London Seniors1064050302022
2- Kings Lynn Seniors861160213919
3- Grimsby Seniors843154312315
4- Soham RHC Seniors84133339-613
5- Middlesbrough Seniors6222231588
6- Herne Bay United Seniors92072561-366
7- Manchester Seniors91264774-275
8- Peterborough Seniors80352950-213
09 March 2019
London Seniors8-1Herne Bay United Seniors
Grimsby Seniors4-4Middlesbrough Seniors
Soham RHC Seniors7-3Peterborough Seniors
Kings Lynn Seniors12-1Manchester Seniors
02 March 2019
Soham RHC Seniors4-3Grimsby Seniors
23 February 2019
Herne Bay United Seniors1-8Grimsby Seniors
Manchester Seniors11-4Soham RHC Seniors
Middlesbrough Seniors1-1London Seniors
Peterborough Seniors3-8Kings Lynn Seniors
09 February 2019
Soham RHC Seniors3-8Kings Lynn Seniors
Peterborough Seniors8-8Manchester Seniors
02 February 2019
Peterborough Seniors4-6Herne Bay United Seniors
Middlesbrough Seniors1-4Kings Lynn Seniors
19 January 2019
Middlesbrough Seniors8-0Manchester Seniors
London Seniors4-0Soham RHC Seniors
Grimsby Seniors5-3Kings Lynn Seniors
13 January 2019
London Seniors4-3Middlesbrough Seniors
12 January 2019
Herne Bay United Seniors2-6Middlesbrough Seniors
Peterborough Seniors3-3London Seniors
15 December 2018
London Seniors6-6Grimsby Seniors
08 December 2018
Herne Bay United Seniors8-3Manchester Seniors
01 December 2018
Kings Lynn Seniors10-0Herne Bay United Seniors
17 November 2018
London Seniors7-2Peterborough Seniors
Manchester Seniors9-9Grimsby Seniors
Herne Bay United Seniors2-6Soham RHC Seniors
10 November 2018
Kings Lynn Seniors4-4London Seniors
Grimsby Seniors12-2Herne Bay United Seniors
27 October 2018
Manchester Seniors7-9London Seniors
Grimsby Seniors7-2Peterborough Seniors
13 October 2018
Herne Bay United Seniors3-4London Seniors
Peterborough Seniors4-4Soham RHC Seniors
Manchester Seniors4-11Kings Lynn Seniors
29 September 2018
Soham RHC Seniors5-4Manchester Seniors

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